DevOps engineer

  • Project Delivery
  • Destelbergen, België

DevOps engineer


This is how we roll! 🚀

We are a technology company located at the Damvallei in Destelbergen. As opposed to its Californian counterpart, this valley has a mild climate, no traffic jams and affordable housing. You can reach this scenic area by a 20-minute bike ride from the heart of Ghent.

We don’t like repetitive work at RecoMatics, and we want the same for our clients. We strive to improve the lives of people by automating and streamlining repetitive administrative processes. Life is more fun when you can focus on value-added work.

What does DevOps have to do with it? 🤖
Did we already tell that we don’t like repetitive work at RecoMatics? As we don’t settle for average achievements we are looking for a DevOps engineer that can help us to walk the talk and make our solutions even better. There is nothing nicer than drinking a coffee with your colleagues while your CI/CD pipeline does the heavy lifting.


Are you the person that we are looking for? 💪

We are looking for a person who values people over processes over tools:

  • We are in a serious business. Clients trust us with their sensitive data and their trust depends on the quality of our solutions. You believe that you can only deliver on that promise if you have a culture of collaboration, transparency, psychological safety, gemba, testing, and continuous improvement
  • Improving or simplifying a process can sometimes yield larger benefits than implementing technology. You are aware of the Theory of Constraints and have a passion for automation, cloud, automated testing, and monitoring. Does DevSecOps ring a bell?
  • Good tools increase work satisfaction. We use a modern technology stack: .NET Core, SQL, MongoDB, Docker, Ansible, Vagrant, PowerShell, Azure DevOps, Azure Cloud, Kubernetes, etc. We are open for suggestions!

What do we offer?

  • We are not a start-up, so you will definitely get paid by the end of the month. We are not a large company, so people will definitely remember your name by the end of the month. We pride ourselves on our family atmosphere.
  • You will be working in an innovative and intrapreneurial environment where you will have impact. We take flexibility and work / life balance seriously
  • We show sincere attention for cross-training, coaching and your personal growth
  • You will be able to buy proper food, go on proper holidays and transport yourself in style
  • The CTO has written this vacancy and is hi-larious! 🤡

I am convinced! 🔥

Go to and apply! Upload your resume (or a LinkedIn export) and we are ready to go. A cover letter is optional, as a real DevOps has a motivation-as-code mindset. Feel free to link to your public repositories!